serious problem playing dx9 games

His pc Specs: P3 1ghz,768mb ram, Windows XP Pro, SB Live
Asus 128mb Ti4200 with 8x agp

**** No Overclocking was done on the card

My friend has a problem playing many directx 9 games.
He has a asus 128mb Ti4200 with 8x agp. When he plays those dx9 games the graphic seems to start shattering really bad. CounterStrike seems to run fine but new games like contract jack, call of duty, simpsons hit and run, need for speed underground, i mean you name it he can't play it. I have a gainward geforce 3 ti200 a much older card and i am able to play these games. I have direct x 9.0b and the lastest Nvidia FX drivers. He tried installing many different nvidia drivers and not using direct x 9 and nothing seems to fix it. There seems to be nothing physically wrong with card, the fan is still running. He even tried reformating the harddrive and dx9 games still have graphic problems. I understand his card might not fully support it or not support it at all but that shouldn't make it shatter. Is he missing something like some driver or something. What can he do?

Thank You for your time

"There is No Spoon"
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  1. Does he have DX9?
  2. yes he has it

    "There is No Spoon"
  3. I would say its a card issue...I have a 128MB Ti4200 and the Call of Duty Demo runs fine on it.

    What happens if you run a DX9 benchmark tool, like Aquamark3 or 3DMark03???

    Also, what does dxdiag have to say about the card/drivers/directx?? (Click Start, Click Run, type dxdiag)
  4. Err...none of the games you mentioned use feature from DX9.

    For released games, i think only Max Payne 2/Tomb raider/halo/tron 2 has dx9 features in them.
  5. haha

  6. [-peep-] you. Wtf u laughing at bitch
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