[ADVICE]Help me buy a laptop between AMD and INTEL

I want to buy a laptop plz suggest me between these:


Which one has better performence and gamming campatibility. :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. HP Pavilion g6-1313
    the second one . .because
    Video Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6520G + 7450M Dual GPU
  2. plz explain about this dual GPU and is HP G6 1313 is better then i5 an i3
  3. for gaming it is more for the GPU, the graphics than the CPU.

    but hold one second i think the 560M might be better . .
    then the 6520G + 7450M

    ooppss i am sorry, the 560M is better than the two HD 6520G + 7450M
    The Crossfire mode only works for DX10 and DX11 games and may sometimes even decrease performance. In our tests the performance of the combination ranged from a Intel HD Graphics 3000 to a Radeon HD 6490M. Hovever, the combination also suffers from micro stuttering.

    so may i please change my answer and say the FIRST on? :)
  4. Wil HP 1313 able to run games like nfs run and bf3
  5. the HP with the dual graphics? i found the acer was better.

    i am not sure what NFS is(?) but i do know that trying to play BF3 is hit or miss on a laptop . .with more miss. :(
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