6770m vs 7690m in dv6

Hey guys,
im buying a new laptop InshAllah, and im stuck between 2 laptops, both HP dv6 with the same processor, but one has 7690m and the other has 6770m.

ive heard a few people say that the 7690m is better than the 6770m, but it seems to me from notebookcheck that the 6770m is better..

any ways was hoping u guys could help me and tell me which is the better card, hence the better laptop..thanks...

also, i know the 6770m has VERY low ram (2 gb), but its also a bit cheaper than the 7690m, so the difference goes into buying more ram inshAllah.. :)

also, the 7690m xt though is better than the 6770m right?
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  1. so now wat u bought???? and howz da prformance???
  2. i bought a dv6 6c02 AlhamdulilAllah.. it has a 7690m xt...

    mine is awesome... plays all games at high, if not ultra, at native resolution (which is 1366x768)....

    note that the one at hp website usually have a 7690m (non xt), which is lower than the 7690m...

    also that 6770m=7690m xt and 7690m<7690m xt
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