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I recently got a Disk Read Error Message, nobody on laptop actually this happened while we were asleep. Tried everything I now to restart computer same message came up. Laptop (Acer) only 4 months old, did call technical support was charged a cost for running a PLU Test to try and extract files and pics which are very important to me but technician not much help, in his mind the test would not help said that he was pretty sure Hard Drive was dead. He did mention that I might want to take to local IT person to hook up to working computer and this might work to extract all important info I might need, well just phone call It person cannot make it work. Am I at the end of my rope????

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  1. Open the hard drive cover to determine the make of the drive. Go to that drive MFG web site and download their diagnostic tools. You should be able to download a bootable version. It may be able to repair your drive long enough to get your data back. It sound kind of doubtful though if the local IT guy couldn't help. Assumeing not geeksquad, they wouldn't know a HDD from a helocopter.
  2. sometimes it not the drive it could be that the mb chipset could have over headed or had an issue. the best bet is to buy a usb to sata or ide cable and a adaptor for the smaller sata connector on laptop drive. you may get lucky and the drive may post one or two more times.
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