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Hi there.

Basically I'm looking to get one of the high end MSI laptops, but I'm not 100% on a couple of the specs. It's pretty much between the GT70 and GT783.
I'm assuming the cpu of the 70 is better, with it being the new ivy bridge technology, but what about the GPU? I've heard different people say one or the other is better, so I'm trying to find out before I order. So, which laptop would give better gaming performance, and will it be a noticeable increase or is it worth just going for the cheapest.

Here are the links:
70 -
783 -

Thanks for any help you can give!
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  1. The GT70 actually does not specify which Core i7 CPU it uses. It likely uses the newer Ivy Bridge Core i7 CPU, but there is no model given and the performance increase over a Sandy Bridge Core i7 CPU is relatively small. The most powerful quad core Ivy Bridge CPU is the i7-3820QM, but that would add a significant amount of money to the laptop. If it has quad core Ivy Bridge CPU it will likely be the i7-3610QM (2.3GHz). The nVidia "GT 670m" is likely a typo, it should be GTX 670m. The GTX 670m is basically an overclocked GTX 570m.

    While the GT783 has the "older" and slower i7-2630QM, the GTX 580m is a little more powerful than the GTX 670m. Therefore, I would go with the GT783.
  2. Thanks for the response. That sounds about right. I'd rather have the extra GPU power so I'll go for the GT783. It's a little cheaper too so it works out great!

  3. If you want to stick to the MSI laptops, then fine...

    Otherwise I'd suggest you wait until the new Ivy Bridge+Kepler laptops gets released.. The prices for the GT783 may reduce.

    Also, you may want to look at the Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop, which is an Ivy Bridge laptop but powered by the HD7000 series from AMD, which according to me is a cheaper alternative for a similar or lesser price. (this laptop may release by the end of May)

    I was also about the buy the MSI laptop but just extended my wait to see if there would be any significant price reductions :) and also waiting to see if MSI decide to use the 680M in any of their laptops...
  4. Please check out Sager laptops for gaming. They are known for their performance and warranties. I had purchased a msi laptop last summer with the new 570m when it came out i returned it with in a week. I was pretty upset with msi the design looked cool at first but when i used it for a week it got very annoying and childish looking to me and also had problems with them not having warranty if you change your parts like sager. There were tons of bloat software and also battery life wasnt the best. The cooling was alright but i took off heatsink and added artic silver which made temps drop 10 to 15 c on gpu and cpu. So sager is the way to go for gaming laptops since they pack so much power in a sleek and professional looking laptop. They also cover everything you do with your sager as in changing cpu or ram or hdd to sdd or anything you can think of which everyother company wont cover.
  5. Cheers guys, I'll certainly look into those brands before I make any decisions.
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