How can i watch tv on my laptop

can you please assist me to view TV on by laptop by connecting through VGA cable.i dont have the usb connectable tv card.
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  1. As far as I know, the VGA port on a laptop is output only. You will have to get a USB dongle to watch TV or you can use one of several websites such as and also air many of their shows on the net. There's also a free (open source) program called Miro that offers over 6000 online TV channels. Hope this helps
  2. VGA port is output only which means you can connect the laptop to a monitor or TV and display the desktop on the monitor or TV.

    You need to buy a USB tuner like the following:
  3. Hi I've found the best way to watch tv, is to go to they can stream tv series on your iPad, iPhone or mobile device which is great if your on the go and don't have time to use your desktop or laptop computer
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