Need help to uninstall wrong adobe installed

Ive had problems on games & researched & found I needed Adobe Flash Player, so I installed it but did it wrong. Im showing in my control panel I have 32 bit. I did install version for 32 & 64 bit for windows vista on accident when I needed to install 64 bit only. How do I correct this problem? I have Windows 7 Home Preium Service Pack 1 with a 64 bit oper. system and Internet Explorer 9 browser (64 bit) also. I dont have Vista but i installed the 1 for vista 32 & 64 bit. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? My computer wont install adobe 11.1 the latest version, the one I need, when I try it wont finsh & keeps giving me the error message to close internet explorer so i do & it still wont finish installing probably because the wrong 32 bit is on it.
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  1. The usual procedure would be:
    - Uninstall the wrong version.
    - Install the right version.
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