GForce 4 Ti 4400 Died: Would like your advice

My PNY GeForce 4 Ti 4400 just died on me after having it for a little over a year (getting strange vertical lines/blocks if I let the PC run for more than two or three minutes). I had to switch back to my Prophet 4500 and it's killing me. I was thinking of upgrading to a Radeon 9600xt. Would the performance increase be worth the purchase of a new card or should I just RMA the PNY I already have? Thanks.
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  1. rma, sell the ti4400 and buy the 9600xt

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  2. Well, wither way you should RMA the 4400...

    Should you buy a 9600XT? It depends what you play.

    You won't noitice a performance increase with the 9600xt unless you're running AA/AF, or you're running upcoming shader-heavy directX 9 titles (like Half Life 2)

    If you're playing DirectX 7/8 titles with no AA/AF, you probably won't notice a difference in performance.

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  3. I'm RMAing my Ti4200 right now. I have a borrowed 9600pro in it's place for now. I see little or no performance (quality-wise or frame rates). But I don't play any titles w/DX9. They're not really out yet. I say keep using that Ti4400 for a while longer!

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  4. New vid cards are hitting first half of 2004, if you can rma the 4400 you'd be stupid to upgrade now befroe the next gen is on the market.

  5. Keep the TI4400 or buy 9800Pro. Then you will see a big differance.
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