Any laptop better for price? $579.99

So I was reading another thread and someone linked this

It says it has dual gpus. Which is pretty awesome. Im looking to get a laptop for college and some gaming and my budget is around $650.00 I have been out of the loop with computers for about 6 months because school has taken up 90% of my time. 6 months as we all know in the computer time is a long time.

Anything better for the price?
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  1. For that price the AMD A8 is the best processor and it gives a very good FPS, too.
    If you can wait, you can wait for the AMD trinity APU which will be there on May 15 and the Ivy bridge laptops.
  2. Can you live with the 90 warranty and no refund return policy?
  3. just bought this one 14inch screen worth the price and has a decent video card best for 600.

    i also added ssd and 8 gigs ram it plays minecraft 256x256 maxsettings no problem cs source on max so it gets the job done. 6750m is a little bit faster than 540m in benchmarks but i feel the cpu will perform better.
  4. trinity a10 would be better add in 2x hd6670
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