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i have a hp photosmart m305 digital camera.i would like to know if using a camera dock that recharges the battery would be better than buying batteries? an does the rechargeable battieries hold a charge for long? i had 2 energizer lithium batteries in it. an they lasted awhile. but they aint cheap. lol
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  1. not to many reply to these forums , i guess?
  2. Rechargeable batteries cost less in the long run, but usually last shorter per charge.

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  3. Newer Lithium rechargables are far superior to old nicad rechargables. Lithium batteries can be charged at any time with no bad effect whatsoever. You had to fully discharge a nicad before recharging it or its life would be greatly decreased. They will probably not keep a charge quite as long as a regular set of batteries but they will definatly be cheaper in the long run.

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