Visioneer 9120 Scanner/Window 7 Compatibility


I have a Visioneer 9120 scanner -- their web site does not have 64-bit drivers. Which driver can be used?

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    According to their website, they support Windows 7 but not for your model.
    The reason is because your model has been discontinued.

    Some manufactures use this way to sell more hardware.
    If you want a scanner to work with Windows 7, you will have to purchase a different model.
  2. I had this model but pucrhased a new canon , because i couldn't get it to run on my win 7 !
  3. area51reopened - did you use the canon to blow up the old scanner? :pfff:
    The devil made me say that...
  4. Looks like Microsoft is working with Visioneer on getting Windows 7 drivers for the Visioneer 9120 scanner -

    I'd hold on to it, as you may have two working scanners in the near future. :)

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  5. yes the canon is a much better photo scanner!i blew it up gandalf!
  6. If you go with Windows 7 Pro (64bit), just install Windows XP mode. Then install your Windows XP drivers from within Virtual PC Windows XP. I had to do the same thing with my Canon 3000F. It worked perfectly for me.
  7. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    yes the canon is a much better photo scanner!i blew it up gandalf!

    Know a guy that went to china for vacation many years ago and bought a very expensive camera - a very good Canon, or so he thought.

    When he came home he saw that canon is spelled with one n, not two like on his camera.....he was pretty pissed....
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