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Im going to university this fall for aerospace engineering and i need to get a laptop that is good for CAD software( Pro-e) and for some light gaming(LOL on low-mid settings). The main thing that im looking for is dedicated graphics and excellent battery life that will last me all day, so could anyone recommend a laptop for me
price range: -1200
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  1. Oh and I have a gaming computer at home, so i don't need serious power, just enough for some light work/games on the go
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  3. Hello sadben;

    When do you need to pick up the new notebook?
    Some pretty big changes taking place over the next few weeks.
    Intel announced it's new Ivy Bridge CPUs on Monday and they'll start going on sale within the week.
    AMD is going to announce it's new Trinity APUs on May 15th and they should be available starting in June, or a bit earlier.
    Windows 8 is coming out this fall and I'm thinking notebooks sold over the summer might get a 'free upgrade' option from Win7.
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