ATI 9800 (SE) ?

What do you think about the ATI 9800se, i know it's a less good version of the normal 9800. Also if you can tell me if the saphire 9800 se, is a good card, because the saphire is a 256-bits, but only got 4 pipelines.


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  1. its an ok card but like a lesser version of the 9800

    there also seems to be a soft mod to mod it to pro(?) i think(i believe it opens the other 4 pipes?) but at the risk of losing the card.

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  2. You've been lied to, the Saphire uses a 128-bit memory bus, from their second 9500 non-pro PCB. It sux all the way around, performing significantly worse than a 9600 Pro.

    Perhaps they meant to say it has a 256-bit processor? At any rate, even if you hacked it to enable 8 pipes, and even if that hack worked, you'd still have less than half the memory bandwidth of the 9800 Pro.

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  3. Just to clarify, the softmod offers absolutely no risk to the card. You can simply uninstall the hacked drivers if it doesn't work.

    It doesn't even void the warranty.

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  4. Waste of money.
  5. err.. ok i had misconstrued information, thanx

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  6. Theres been a lot of discussion about these on UK boards, they seem a lot more common over here than the states.

    Hercules for one, and i think a few others now are producing 9800SE AIW cards with 256 bit memmory bus. Theyre normal 9800 AIW cards whith 4 pipelines disabled due to being part of a PCB batch which didnt meet 8 pipeline tests.

    They are easily softmodded to enable all 8 pipelines, with no possible damage to the card. Success rates vary but seem to be at least 50%, with more able to softmod with varying artifacts, some of which can be worked around.

    When softmodded the cards perform as a normal 9800, plus you get the AIW features, for around £150, which is a bargain. Even unsoftmodded the herc card at any rate is practically identical to a 9600XT.

    Heres a link to a review and benchmark..

    And heres a forum with numerous threads about softmodding the 9800SE AIW...

    hope that clarifies things.
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