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Does anyone know when the ASUS Aspire M3 Timeline will be available for purchase? It's been reviewed all over, but I can't find it for sale.

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  1. No idea my self. Its been the first Piece on the market that offered kepler. But you had know your sites to get a hold of one...

    I'll look into this for you!

    "Editor's Note: Currently on sale in Singapore, Acer says this notebook will hit U.S. shores in the second quarter of 2012.When its price becomes available, we will update this review, and reserve the right to change the rating."
  2. 1366x768 resolution on a 15" screen? No thanks.
  3. Well its a good little laptop/netbook to play on when at a motel but it shouldn't be someones Priority gaming rig....
  4. 1366x768 is too small even for productivity usage. Like Excel or video editing or general multi-tasking. My laptop has a 1366x768 screen and it's too limiting; I have to constantly move windows around to view multiple sources of information. I'll do for now, but I'll probably buy a new laptop 1600x900 (or higher) by the end of the year.
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