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I am away from home the majority of my time so I have decided to look for a laptop to take with me, this is a problem for me though because I am not good with things like laptops because I am heavy into desktop pc's.

I am looking to spend under 900 dollars, would need a 750gig harddrive, a decent cpu that is preferably quad core.

Also I will be playing games on it but nothing too hardcore. Think of games like Counter strike source, left 4 dead 2, legend of grimrock and potentially bad company 2.

I found the lenovo Y570 but I am hesitant to buy it because I hear allot about it overheating and it makes me nervous. I would like to avoid having to use a cooling pad because that defeats the purpose of owning a laptop in my opinion. But I am not sure if there are any laptops out there with some revolutionary system of cooling.

Forgive me for my lack of knowledge, the last laptop I owned was back around 2003-ish. I am basically just looking for what you guys consider good laptops so I can research as much as I can, My main issue is heat management.
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  1. Hello ptp;

    You should be able to configure yourself something that does what you need it to:
    HP Pavilion dv6 Quad Edition 15.6" Core i7 Laptop

    HP Pavilion dv6t Review
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