How much would a laptop ac adapter cost?

I can't believe how much a replacement adapter truly cost. After searching on the amazon, I found that there are so many brands and the price varies greatly, ranging from a few bucks to more than 80 bucks. I was so alarmed that a replacement adapter would cost so much. After narrowing down the choices that I can afford, I came across the RAVPower Replacement. I was surprised at the incrediblely reasonable cost and even more surprised that works perfectly after I got it. Honestly, when trying to save a few dollars here and there, seems to always cost me more in the end. However the adapter has worked perfectly.
So here is the question, why would the price of a laptop adapter differ so greatly, since the cheap ones still works perfectly?
and Why would someone choose the very expensive one ?
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  1. Branded parts usually cost twice the amount as after market parts because they are branded. Laptop manufacturers are betting that buyers will pay the extra buck to get an original part because it is "better". If you can find a decently built power adapter that complies with the power needs of your machine and saves you a few bucks then by all means buy it!
  2. Hi :)

    I own computer shops...and a lappy repair company...

    Take my word, cheap chargers do NOT ALWAYS work perfectly...

    We get LOTS of customers come into the shops, saying...I bought this charger from Ebay for £10 (or near) and its "stopped working" or "given me an electric shock" or various other reasons...

    We then sell the the CORRECT (including CORRECT voltage and AMPERAGE) charger for £37....which WE guarantee for 12 months unconditionally....

    In your case a cheapy worked.....but for thousands of others they dont :(

    All the best Brett :)
  3. I think good things should have a good price, but not necessarily expensive. You mentioned that you got a RAVPower adapter and it works fine. I searched it and found the price indeed not expensive. And the product itself looks quite good. So I think it OK. Maybe I would get one from it when I need. My point is You don't have to care what the price is. It is the product that you should care.
  4. The cheap ac adapters for laptops on Ebay often come with a 3 year warranty and a good price. That's the cheapest way to go. Getting a brand name AC adapter is way too expensvie and not necessarily more reliable than the Ebay ones, and often shorter warranties than the Ebay ones.
  5. I got an adapter for my hp from amazon with UL verified( brand name Anker, it

    was about 2 bucks expensive than those cheaper

    ones, but overall, not expensive at all. It works

    great and never got hot, I'm more than happy to

    spend the 2 bucks on UL verified products to get

    myself out of any safety risks. :)
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