Windows freezes for a few hours after startup

So I had just returned from a three week vacation, and I turn my desktop on and everything is normal. I was cleaning my room and moving stuff around, and had to unplug my PC, so I went to turn it off and it started updating. I was rather annoyed, but waited till it was done (about 20 minutes, lots of updates apparently.)

When I turned my PC back on, it froze up right after completing the startup. Anytime I would click an icon, the taskbar, anything... it would freeze. Sometimes, the screen would fade white, and sometimes a box would pop up saying "windows explorer has stopped working" etc. I tried restarting it several times, and it did the same thing every time. No control+alt+delete, nothing. But it was not a complete freeze, as the keyboard buttons still lit up, and I could move the mouse cursor. I tried in safemode, and everything worked perfectly. I tried restore points, but nothing worked. I even tried to do a system repair with the disk, and it said everything was dandy.

I finally decided just to leave my computer on all night, and when I woke up in the morning, it was working completely fine. The next time I turned it on, still the same problem, but after leaving it on for a few hours, it returned completely to normal. I turned my computer on today and decided to wait and see how long it took, but after an hour and a half, I had to leave. When I returned home (about 10 hours later) my computer was working perfectly!

On top of that, I have been getting weird pop-ups lately saying my copy of Windows is not genuine, and I may be the victim of software fraud? What the heck?

It isn't a virus or trojan, as I have run virus software, and haven't seen anything at all remotely fishy. I have absolutely no idea what is wrong, and have been unable to find any posts by anyone with this problem. I really don't want to have to do a clean install.

Does anyone have any clue what I can do?

Thank you all

My system:

Dell Inspiron 570
E2200 Dual Processor
4 gb ram
ATI 4800 HD series
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
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  1. Did you not read my post where I said I tried that already? I tried every point available.
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