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I have Windows Vista 32-bit & Windows 7 64-bit installed. Vista was the first installed, 7 was the 2nd. Apparently it's installed on a logical drive.

I am wanting to remove Vista completely. They are installed on the same drive, different partitions.

How can I go about this?

Any & all searches I've come across don't seem to help.

And, if it requires software, my budget is $0.00

I hope this is the right area to post this in.
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  1. The best and easiest way is to first backup your files and setting from Windows 7 using the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard to an external drive/usb stick or dvd.
    Reboot with your W7 dvd, use custom install enter disk tools and either format both partitions if you wish to keep both partitions, or if not delete both and create one new one and reinstall W7. If you are keeping both partitions after format install W7 on the first partition.
    A clean install will save you problems in long run, although you will need to reinstall your programs, the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard can be used to restore your files and settings.
  2. If you've backed up or removed everything you need on the Vista partition, you can simply remove it, either by using 7's built-in tools or a open-source tool such as GParted. That worked for me.
  3. Only problem is that the Vista partition is holding the boot manager. Windows 7 will not allow me to delete or remove the vista partition.
  4. Update. I just managed to change my HD from a logical drive to a primary. I also made it the Active partition.

    After all this, what all do I have left to make Vista disappear forever?

    I haven't rebooted since making my 7 partition active. I am scared to do so as I've been reading that it may make my system unbootable. How do I move the boot records from my Vista Partition to my 7 Partition so that I can reboot with 7 being the active partition?
  5. Is anyone able to help? What do I need to do next in order to remove Vista without having to reinstall 7?
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