New laptop, how to fully condition it

i know the thread topic sounds confusing, but those were the best words i could think of to explain what i needed help with :)..

ok so i just bought a new laptop AlhamdulilALlah, and now i want to get the best out of it.. its an hp dv6-6c02tx.

im gonna be getting a lot of games soon inshAllah, and ive heard u should keep drivers, specially graphics card driver updated for the best result.. i searched hp, and couldnt really find anywhere to check for driver update.. could anyone help me with that?

also, any tips on how to ensure best performance from a new laptop? there arent really many bloat ware software, so i dont think reinstalling windows is necessary....

also, should i download drivers from hp website or search radeon website? what about third party softwares that keep drivers up to date?
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  1. Do not use the reference drive from AMD. Only use the driver provided from HP for HP DV6 laptop.
  2. hmm ok this is rediculous, i cant seem to b able to find my model on hp website to download drivers :/..can any one help me with that? also, wont windows automatic update automatically update drivers?
  3. No, windows update will install a driver to allow your GPU to work, but it will not be the most recent one.
  4. i cant seem to b able to figure out how to download the driver.. ive registered my product to my hp account, but where do i find drivers?
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    You are right. Can't find anything. I wouldn't worry too much yet since that laptop is a new product. Contact HP and ask them for help (your laptop is still under warranty).
  6. hmm ok well my games are still installing/updating.. lets see how they run and then i will decided whether a driver update is necessary, also whats the difference between a driver and amd catalst? it seems my driver is up to date but people say u should install the amd catalyst from their website?
  7. Catalyst control centre is use for changing settings like multiple screen, colour, game quality (force)...
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