Performance Cap because of 16ms response LCD

My question is this.

I'm buying a new computer, and one the main components will be a NEC 17inch 1760v LCD monitor. This has a claimed response time of 16ms. Various articals argue the truth of this claim saying it lies somewhere closer to 25 ms.

Either way, this allows a maximum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 and maximum frame rate of 60fps (16ms) and perhaps as bad as 40fps(25ms)

If this is the case, is buying a super nice video card going to be a waste of money if my frame rate can't go higher than 60fps? It appears that the monitor will be a bottleneck in some ways. I new this when I purchased it (never buy an LCD if you're a gamer they say)

I was intending on buying a ATI / Asus 9600 pro or something around that benchmark.

I'd just like to know where to stop spending as far as a video card is concerned.

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  1. No you will not be wasting your money. Fact is, even a 9800 XT won't do better than 60fps in many games at 1280x768 when using various levels of AA and aniso. This will become even more true as time goes on. It's not a waste of money at all, most people (most people are idiots) run their CRT's at 60hz, so they're "maxing out" at 60fps too. The graphics card has overhead in this case, which is always nice:)

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  2. The funny thing is that the measuring method for LCDs has changed. 20ms LCDs are often better than the 16ms ones, and yes they would be rated closer to 25ms based on the old system. There are new 12 and 14ms monitors out there, which are really good. If you have an option get something from Samsung, that would be my choice. If the LCD is already a fixed asset then there's not much you can do about it. Most cards will have trouble with newer games running @ 1280x1024, and so you could probably even seem some card limits reached on the R9800 series like WS said.

    The thing with the refresh on the LCD is that you may see some ghosting (especially extreme in fast action DVDs and side scrollind FPS(s)).

    Just FYI, Carmack said that D]|[ performance will be capped at 60fps. Just an example of it being a sort of 'standard' in gaming.

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