Integreated mac bluetooth with logitech mouse

Hello all,

I really need some urgent help here.
I accidentally broke my usb stick for the
- Logitech MX revolution wireless mouse -
and i absolutely need to keep on using it. I cannot replace it ATM, i am stuck with the working mouse and the macbook pro which has integreated bluetooth.

Now my question is the following, is there any way to pair them up? using some 3rd party software or even some integrated software of any sort.

whe i do the simple scan for bluetooth devices it doesnt find the mouse, but again its not supposed to really.

any help here?

PS: sorry about the "general discussion" i dont know if this is customization or driver...
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  1. It's not a Bluetooth mouse, so it's not going to work with Bluetooth, is it. Why not contact Logitech to see if it is possible to get a replacement USB receiver.
  2. i can pretty much gruarantee its bluetooth, the receiver has the bluetooth symbol on it.
    i can contact logitech, but they dont sell it anymore so its highly improbable they will send me a replacement, and even if they did it would get here way too late...
    i think im stuck with using the touchpad, damn 1.5inch long receiver... srew this...
  3. Fair enough - my mistake. It would still be worth contacting Logitech support to see if the mouse should work with any Bluetooth receiver. If not they may be able to supply a replacement. What have you got to lose by asking?
  4. nothing really, i guess ill just buy a new mouse, im guessing its about time, if they dont even say they ever made this one on their website...
    anyways thx for the suggestions mate, appreciate it.
    by any chance have you given the razer mamba a try? im thinking it would be a fitting replacement and budget is not a problem.
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