XP constantly reboots on startup?

I got a new motherboard, a Gigabyte KT-400 (AMD). Whenever I reboot and it gets to the "Windows XP Professional" loading screen after a few seconds a blue screen of death flashs up really quick and the PC reboots itself.

Sometimes it reboots ok, but most time it reboots about 20~30 times before it actually works. My first idea is that it is the bios, but the disk drive aint working so I can't upgrage it for now.

Any other ideas on what could be causing this problem? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Can you get into windows at all? If you can, do this:

    System Properties ->
    Advanced ->
    Startup and Recovery ->
    Uncheck "Restart Automatically"

    That'll pause the bluescreen so you can write down the information. Pay attention to if the error is the same every time, or different every time. More system information would be helpful as well.
  2. ""If this is the first time you seen this message reboot and go about your live. If it isn’t and you install new hardware or software uninstall it. Also go into your BIOS and disable your cache"" bla blab bla. Seems like the BSOD is a broken recorder, beside what happens if you leave your computer on and you leave the house and when you come home the BSOD is up. I mean does it shut off at some point, because if it didn’t I wouldn’t think it would be such a good thing,lol.

    I’m just a little tired of the BSOD, since I have been getting it lately. I think it has something to do with my screen savor since it wakes up on it’s own then the BSOD could follow, then I got to get off the freaking couch to shut the computer off or restart it, what a pain, lol.

    If you can get into windows, maybe the BSOD will tell you some thing, also check the Event Viewer for errors. You really didn’t give to much to go on, so off hand I would think to go threw the BIOS and make sure your setting are right, or just clear the CMOS, maybe take out some PCI cards, and track it down to either a setting or hardware. Listing your PC specs would help, also if you formatted or just how you went about adding the new mobo would help.

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