Dell 14r N4010 display: Faulty LCD? or wiring?

I'm looking at a friend's laptop, and they have been known to carry their laptop by the upper bezel of the display and possibly drop or toss around the laptop. Long story short, this laptop has been having intermittent display problems and now shows only striated, random static. Periodically if I place pressure on certain areas of the LCD bezel, then it will show a crystal clear image.

My first hypothesis was that the wiring was loose, shaken out of place just a tad. Upon reviewing a dis assembly guide, I took apart and wiggled the wires with no success. I'm now thinking that the LCD display could use replacing.

My question is, should I go ahead and recommend the owner buy a new LCD panel? (
Or is there something else that could be the problem?

As a side note, I've reinstalled windows, all drivers, and tried everything I know of on the software side. The Display will show crystal clear, but only if contoured in a very specific way via pressure on the bezel.

[Here's a video of the screen, and it hooked up to an external monitor...]
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  1. I have a similar problem with a Inspiron 14R, the bottom half of the screen appears scrambled and after tapping the bezel, it dissapears.
    I'm going to contact Dell support, since the laptop is still under warranty.
  2. I've gone ahead and purchased the display. I will update as to whether or not this fixes the problem.
  3. I got the screen on Amazon, replaced it, and it now works perfectly fine. You don't have to disassemble much, so if you don't want to send it to Dell support then you can probably do it yourself. It only entails popping off the bezel then unscrewing everything for the lcd (but only loosen the screws on the bottom hinge enough to get the screws of the actual display).

    I used this youtube video as the guide, very helpful...
  4. Having the same problem with my friend's 14R too but we replaced the screen to no avail. Also replaced the lcd cable in case the bezel had mangled the cable in some way but no...still exactly the same problem as the above youtube video. Anything else it would be apart from us getting another faulty screen/cable? :sweat:
  5. I've seen similar cases and it looks to be a grounding issue with the 4 screws that hold the bezel in on the bottom. There should be a cone shape washer that keeps the screws from contacting the bezel frames.
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