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Hi, I am using dell Inspiron 1545 for past two years. Few days back my niece spilled milk on its keyboard unattended and when my father noticed, the laptop was off. I asked father as i live in different city because of job to get it cleaned from market which he did (which i later discovered never happen when i opened laptop, the repair tech guy kept and saw it working fine and returned it, he didn't even blower it). The issue came that whenever i plug in AC charger plug in it, it powers on from complete turn off position. When i shut it down with charger connected it reboots as soon as it shutdowns, if i press power button at bios password screen instead of turning off it reboots, and it kept rebooting instead of hard power off when i keep the power button pressed. But when i remove AC adapter and power it off , there is no problem, but as soon as i plug ac charger back in it powers on itself which can be quite annoying. I tried forums but couldn't found related post and yes i tried the Wake up LAN and usb wake options to disabled position. i went through bios list to see if there is a function targeting it but couldn't find any issue. I opened the whole laptop, cleaned it up with volatile cleaner and then packed it up, but still same issue. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. As tomorrow my brother is going to take it to a repair man after seeing my failures.
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  1. You probably need to replace the laptop if you still have warranty. the spilled milk could've somehow damaged your laptop.
  2. I wish i could but its out of warranty and i don't think they would cover it in warranty if it was still due, also i can't find any post related to this problem. All posts refer to either windows issues or they deal with laptop restart/crash/freeze and going black when inserting charger pin. If anyone can refer me to a related post it might help me a lot too. Anxiously waiting for some feedback
  3. then the best of luck to you buddy. Have you considered changing the laptop battery?
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