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Hi. I have an old Toshiba A135 laptop. When I press the power button, the hd activity light flickers for a second and then stays off. The laptop does not boot up or show any activity on the screen. The screen is completely dead. I also do not hear any activity from the fans or hd. I replaced the drive with another known good hd and it did not make a difference. I also powered it up with no memory and 1 stick in different slots - also no luck.

When it did run, it would always run hot. Not sure if the cooling fan went out, overheated, and damaged something. Any troubleshooting suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. dust it up first the fan could be glogged so system with shut off
  2. Thank you for the response scout_03. I took the fan off and cleaned it out. Put it back together and still no go. When I hit the power button, the fan comes on for about 3-4 seconds, then turns off. The display stays dark and the power light stays green. No hd activity whatsoever - at least based on the hd led indicator.
  3. could you check your hdd in another system
  4. No, but I did try my original hdd and it still did not boot.
  5. when you plug it on the ac did you see the light that show it receive power and your baterry is full charge
  6. Yes, but the battery indicator is amber instead of green.
  7. merci
  8. what are the other 5 digit that after the 135-00000 that will help me find the right model,amber means the battery is charging
  9. It's A135-S2286.
  10. this is the link for the driver and user manual load both of the manual and see in the first one there are some settings for the screen and other if you want to try a external monitor in the troubleshooting section
  11. Thank you very much. I'll look into it and hopefully find something that will help me resolve the problem.
  12. Quick question: What are the odds that I have a bad cpu or motherboard?
  13. hard to answer what could cause one of them to fail i will say equal chance
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