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need some help I just picked up asus 9800xt intsalled the driver that came with it BUT cant find any setting for the card like fsaa etc I think the drivers are only half installed I run xp pro was thinking of dropping these drivers and installing atis latest catalyst. also since I installed the graphics card xp says theire are two more pices of new hardware but cant find the drivers for these can anyone help. I dumped nvidia and went to ati because all the hardware reviews say better picture quality hope it's right. HELP HELP
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  1. Used the software that came from Asus or ATI?

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  2. go to ati and dl their catalyst driver set, it comes with that.

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  3. got the control panel working downloaded the latest the cd that came with this card is garbage yes theire are drivers no controll panel etc. BUT xp still says theire is new hardware in my machine and the only new thing is the asus card yes it is registered in dev man., as display does theire have to be any more entries. no sound card or anything in yet
  4. OMG you mean this is a NEW computer? You have to load the chipset drivers from the motherboard CD before you have a fully functional AGP port on the motherboard. Then you have to run the settup for the ATI card drivers.

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  5. I have installed the agp drivers I have installed the controll pannel But windows still says theire is new hardware found I fed up with this for 300 quid plus you would think asus would pull theire finger out.
  6. I guess the ASUS 9800XT has VIDEO IN.....for that you have to install the WDM drivers as well, or else WinXP will keep on recognising it.

    Here's your order of installation:

    1. WDM
    2. Display driver
    3. Control Panel
  7. this all sucks for hours I've been pissin about with the asus drivers and install cd so I chucked it. installed the catalist drivers (iknow i cant overclock with these but what the)and gues what the drivers installed controll panel installed and I think wdm installed and no other xp asking fro new hardware drivers. I think that asus have this seriosly wrong even ther hardware monitoring software wouldnt install this all SUCKS I have read review after review singing the praises for this card and no mention of the prat on with drivers (no control pannel) if asus is going to piss about with the design of the frigin card then they should damn well get the install right. This will be the last asus card I buy and if anyone offered me a decent price for it I would sell it tomorrow. And yes it is only 24hrs old.
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