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I already have a very good desktop computer but I am interested of buying a netbook.

Use: I travel a little bit so I need it for general purpose (web surfing, movies including HD, edit documents, listen to music, backup pictures when travelling)

Here are my needs:
-RAM: Minimum 2gb RAM (is it worth going to 4GB?)
-Screen: 10 to 12 inches (besides the size, any difference between both sizes?)
-Graphics: Can play HD movies without problems
-WIFI and RJ45 port
-HDMI out
-SD/SDHC Card reader
-Windows 7 (probably Home version as I think I will be limited with Starter)
-No gaming
-Price: as cheap as possible

I saw a few interesting models:

HP Pavilion DM1-3245CA E-350 1.6GHZ 4GB 640GB 11.6IN WLAN Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - http://www.ncix.ca/products/?sku=62807 in sale for 399$
HP Pavilion DM1-4123CA, Bilingual Laptop AMD E-450 http://www.costco.ca/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=10368071 for 419$
ASUS Eee PC 1225B AMD E-450 HD6310 4GB 320G 11.6IN WXGA Win7 Premium BT HDMI http://www.ncix.ca/products/?sku=68571 for 439$

or I thought about buying a netbook in the 280-300$ range like one in the Intel Atom N2600, 2800 serie and upgrade to 2 GB of RAM but I am not sure about the performance. Would it suit my needs and any suggestions?

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  1. jeffjeff666 said:
    -Screen: 10 to 12 inches (besides the size, any difference between both sizes?)
    Screen resolution. 10" is usually 1024x600 and 11.6-12" is 1366x768

    Either of the E-450 sub-portable notebooks would be my first choice.

    HP Pavilion dm1 (Late 2011) Review
  2. I just bought the costco dm1 4123 for 399 @ the costco store. Not sure why it 20dollars less from what the online price says. It was new - not a demo model.

    Expect 4 to 6 hours on the battery depending on what you are doing. I get 4 hours running music software - Reason 6 (just a scratch pad for ideas and getting 5-10 tracks depending on patches). And around six hours with Ethernet internet usage. I haven't tried a full battery charge with the wifi. A bit of everything: Reason, wifi internet, mp3 and mov. files gave me roughly 5 to 5.25 hours before shutting down at 10 (or was it 11%) battery life left.

    I was able to watch two movies on the battery when I connected an external samsung dvd drive and using internal soundcard.

    Speaking of sound, this little unit sounds great. It is better most laptops
    i have experienced - the 15" macbook pro sounded the best). The sound actually comes out from underneath the touchpad - the very front of the laptop.
  3. I wish I could find the same thing as the laptop I listed but with a 10 inch screen. I want something as small as possible but don't want a tablet.

    I will probably go for one of the E-450, probably the ASUS. I have lots of ASUS at home and never had any problems.

  4. I know it's not cheap, but I've heard good things about the lenovo x130e


    I have tried an e-450 and found it to be pretty decent, for what it is. definitely go check one out
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