World Club League v2.0

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I restarted this, fixing a few bugs like Bradford City being left in the
premiership and things. I also edited all the english non-league
conferences like the Eishman and Northern Premiership to be world teams.
the Northern Premiership is all Europe, Oceanic and North American teams and
the Southern Premiership is Asia, Middle East, Africa and South American.
This basically means that anyone in future getting relegated from the active
conference will probably be replaced with foreign teams. It also means that
there wont be a load of amateur english teams in the cup draws.

One thing about this is that it should make the cup competitions more
competative. Rather than Man U and Arsenal being in every cup
final....there every chance Boca in the 2nd Division or Bayern in the
Southern Conference can make it to the finals of the World FA Cup

I've put all the playable leagues (premier to conferences) on my webpage and
will update it semi-regularly (ie, whenever I remember)

(the FM is case sensative for some reason)
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    have updated with the league tables for just over the first half season.
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