How to find if my motherboard supports AGP 4X?

Before I buy a new card, I would like to find out if my motherboard can support it. I have a MSI 6309 motherboard that I use with a P3 1Ghz CPU. Is there any program that could tell me if this motherboard supports AGP 4X.

The new Radeon 9600 Pro I want to buy supports only AGP 4X and 8X.
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  1. aida32 will

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  2. Where can I find aida 32?
  3. PhukFace I just installed aida32 and it does provide maximum AGP speed. Thanks

    Good news is that my board supports AGP 4X.
  4. Look at the spacing on your slot.

    ATI does a good job explaining it <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>

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  5. It supports an AGP4x card.

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  6. no prob

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