WIndows 7 won't properly shutdown. VERY FRUSTRATING

System Specs:
Windows 7
8GB PC1600
Core i7 940
Asrock X58 Extreme 3
Crucial M25 256GB SSD
dual ATI Radeon 4870s in crossfire.
All drivers and BIOS at latest version.

This problem I am having has me SOOO frustrated. There is NO damn reason a computer can't shutdown.

I can't exactly predict when it will happen, but 75% of the time the computer just hangs on the "Windows is Shutting Down" screen and I am stuck having to hold down the power button to do get it shutdown. I have tried closing as many programs as possible before shutting down, logging off completely and it still happens on an unpredictable basis.

If anyone has any advice on what might be causing the problem or where to look, please let me know. THANKS!!
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  1. Hi merrick97,

    I would recommend doing a System Restore to a point before you noticed this happening. Here's a tutorial for that:

    Alternatively, you could try a Repair Install:


    Windows Outreach Team
  2. I have an SSD and disabled system restore.

    Thanks for the advice. Ill look into it.
  3. Hi again,

    So did either of those suggestions work for you?

    Windows Outreach Team
  4. The old "not shutting down" problem. Because it doesn't happen all the time I can't say it's a driver issue but it could be.

    I want to lean more towards to your power supply. Do you have a similar issue booting up where it can take awhile sometimes but other times it loads up fast?
  5. This happened to me when I had a peripheral device (such as wireless adapter, dongle, or ipod) plugged in that didn't have a proper driver or whatever. My Asus usb-n13 dongle would not work and would prevent my computer from starting or shutting down if it was plugged in. If it was not plugged in my computer ran perfectly. That was until I updated my BIOS. Now everything is fine and starting and shutting down like it is supposed to. The Asus dongle works and I'm a happy camper.

    So give your BIOS an update if you havent already and unplug everything except the bare minumum (power, monitor, keyboard, mouse, ethernet) to see if it is in fact peripheral devices causing you problems.
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