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sir i want purchase a laptop.i dont understand whose company is better. imy thinking is sony laptop.plz give me advice whose company is best
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  1. you pay a lot for the sony name, imo. The best "brand" of laptop will vary depending on what you are using it for. Some are better for gaming while others are better at other tasks. Also depends on which model and what your requirements are.
  2. Fill this out form in the link below, and we can help you find the best one for the money. Also, I agree with ebola28. Sony is all about the name when it comes to PC's.

    Form: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/50797-35-laptop-buyers
  3. Brands mean nothing. Laptops are like people, under the skin we're all pretty much the same. The internals are all made by Intel, AMD, nVidia, ASUS, MSI, Foxconn, Seagate, WD, Samsung, etc. Choose a laptop purely by price and spec. Go try it out if you can to make sure you like the keyboard. There are 2 companies in China that make 80% of the laptops on the market so the differences are generally insignificant. :sol:
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