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Hi I was wondering if there are any devices or reliable software that you can use to track laptops and ultrabooks. I'm planning to buy a ultrabook for college use, and just in case, I want to install somekind of device or software that I can use to track my PC if it were to get stolen.

Installing a tracker would be difficult on a ultrabook, but I believe I can figure a way to do it if it is small enough. I don't mind sticking it on the back of the PC ( not covering the vents obviously).

I am skeptical about software though since they only work if the PC is on right? Couldn't someone just connect a external drive(if it doesnt have a built in optical drive) and do a clean install of windows?
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    I doubt there would be room in an Ultrabook for any extra equipment. Some companies have tracking mechanisms at the BIOS level, not sure about Ultrabooks. Dell has it for laptops, perhaps they have it for their 13" Ultrabook.

    There are numerous software solutions, though:

    Keep it near/with you at all times. I carry on my person an iPad, iPhone, 17.3 inch laptop and a 14" laptop just about all times. Dilligence has kept them from walking away.

    Keep the serial number info on you and report it stolen ASAP if it dissapears.
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