Can't access extended drive

Hi all,

I've got a mate who runs a small business (tattooist), whoever set up his computer has-

a) give himself admin rights and disappeared, with all that entails
b) made 8 (eight!) partitions on a 20 Gig HD (for no apparent reason, some are empty, some have random Apps installed on them)
c) made the primary partition NTFS and all the others are FAT32
d) installed a copy of the AOL software that can't find certain files it needs and refuses to work (windows problem, not AOL, I think)

The plot thickens......

there are 2 primary drives, c: which is full and and 'an extended' drive (thats empty) which does'n't show up anywhere but Partition Magic.

How do I get my hands on the extended drive and merge it into c:?


edit: he's running XP Pro which I have the disc for
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  1. That <b><font color=red>extended</b></font color=red> partition is not <b>empty</b>.
    The HD is divided into 2 partitions, Primary and Extended partition. The extended partition can be divided further into many logical drives (in your case, it's 7 drives besides the Primary).

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  2. you cant merge the drive to the bootable partition. to span drives you have to convert them to dynamic disks. wich you cant boot off of.

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  3. The thing thats confusing me is that the extended partition is also down as a primary ie there are two primary partitions.
  4. I also see two primary partitions in PM, my local C: and the extended, so I don’t think that is a problem, but if you don’t see the drives in my computer that is a problem. Is PM showing them right, as being active, hiden or what not?
    I would say to use partition magic 8 to convert all the drives to either FAT or NTFS and then merge them all together or down to only a couple. I can’t tell you exactly how to do this, because I end up fooling around for awhile, until I get it right, and then apply the change. But if you go into my computer and don’t see these other drives it sounds like there was a problem from the get go making the partitions, and if that is the case I don’t know how you can fix it with out reformatting and starting over.

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