Help needed aspire happy pav70 grrrr

I'm hoping someone here can help me my daughters aspire happy pav70 is driving me insane:(
It stopped charging last week since then I've noticed the following hard to discribe so please bear with me:
When I plug it in with battery in it will not charge but if I plug it in without battery in it powers up ok, but I can't move the wire or it goes off:( if I plug the battery in while it's turned on it will charge.

I've changed the charging port inside the laptop and tried a replacement charger and still it does this :( I know it's not an expensive notebook but my daughter loves it and i don't want to admit defeat

Anyone help me please
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  1. Anyone please?
  2. Hi There
    Just wondering if you made any progress on this charging problem.
    I had the same problem, but now it has progressed so that I cannot charge at all.

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