College gaming laptop, cant decide

So basically, it's almost time for graduation and I've been looking for a nice gaming/college laptop. I've seen some pretty good deals on laptops but really can't decide which would be the best one.
Factors that I Have to consider:
-Brand- which brand is the best one out there, that is reliable enough to get me through 4 years of college without dying on me.
-Performance-Needs to play modern games (skyrim, MMO's, etc)
-Mobility- Weight, size, and battery life.
-PRICE-Best laptop for the price, considering all above statements. (No more than $1300)

I have narrowed down several laptops that are good candidates that I am considering buying. What is your opinion on these laptops, and if so would you recommend a different one that meets the standards above.

Lenovo Y 480
Ram- Has 8GB ram
Processor- Intel i7-3610QM processor (2.3gHZ, turbo to 3.3ghz)
GPU- Nvidia GeForce GT 650 plus 2GB (not sure DDR)
HDD- 1TB(5400 RPM) w/ 32 GB SSD (HDD sort of sucks) DDR3
Screen - 14" 720p LED
Keyboard - Backlit
Speaker- JBL audio
Battery- 6 cell w/ about 5 hr battery life
Weight - About 5 pounds
Total price w/ 3 year warranty - about $1,050

HP dv6TQ
Ram - 8GB
Processor - Intel i7-3610QM processor (2.3gHZ, turbo to 3.3ghz) can be upgraded
GPU- Nvidia GeForce GT 640 plus 2GB DDR5
HDD - 750 GB w/ 7200 RPM DDR3
Screen- 15.6" 1080P LCD
Keyboard - Backlit
Speaker- Beats audio
Battery - 6 cell w/ 5 hr battery life (upgrade-able)
Weight - about 5 pounds
Total Price w/ warranty - $1,100
Everything for the HP can be upgraded, however it will cost more.

That is everything I have so far that suit my needs. Please highly take into consideration the brand and the reliability of the company. I know HP is more prone to defects and problems, as well as customer service issues. I know Lenovo is more reliable, and ranked ahead of HP in customer service. Please voice your opinions. Lenovo is having a special sale ending tomorrow and I would like to know as many facts as possible. Also, please give recommendations. I just looked at these laptops more because they are 3rd gen processors.
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