Internet Explorer Crash after installing plugins

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A couple of weeks ago, I installed Real One Player and it seems the plugin
that was installed with it caused my IE to crash everytime I type something
in the address bar and click on Go. I ended up formatting my computer.
Today, I just installed Macromedia Shockwave plugin and the same thing is
happening again. I really do not want to format my computer again. I have
tried system restore, removing/disabling the plugin and the problem is still
there. I type something in the address bar and it crashes after I click on
Go. I get the whole "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs
to close" deal. The error signature is below:

ppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180 ModName: unknown
ModVer: Offset: 00bd923d

Any idea on how to fix this? I really want to be able to get plugins to
work with IE with no crashing. I have Service Pack 2, all critical updates
installed and it is pretty much a fresh install of Windows XP because I
formatted only two weeks ago. The only way I am able to really use the
Internet is by clicking on links, which is how I got here. Any help is
appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?)

    Have you tried some other browsers like Opera or Mozilla Firefox?

    For example Firefox is highly customizable, works with all plugins
    (Adobe, Flash, Shockwave, Winamp, ...) and has tabbed browsing.

    Try alternatives and get surprised ... ;)

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