best version of Missile Command ?

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what is the single best verison of Missile Command..... that is not a fancy
3D polygon remake?

it's gotta be a 2D version of Missile Command.

I have an idea of what might be the best version, but I'll get to that

I am certainly no expert on Atari or MC, but I know there are many many
versions of this game.
there are the official commercial MC games made for Arcade, Console,
Computer, Handheld, and there are all kinds of home-brew or fan-made
versions and variants and copy cats. there are Java and Flash versions.
probably quite a few I'm totally unaware of.

I enjoy the well-made version of MC - tonight I found the best version I've
ever played:
an arcade version called Missile Command II in 'Arcade Classics'
prototype. It's part of a multi-game that includes
'Super Centipede'. When I played this version of MC II it played
really well, very smoothly and I noticed the graphics had been updated
significantly from the classic early 1980s MC game(s). I have no doubt
that this MC II prototype is very well known to the Atari enthusiast
community. I did a few google searches just to give myself a little bit of
knoweledge on the subject. seem that at least one guy went to fairly great
lengths to hunt down a working PCB.

so it seems the 1992 arcade MC II prototype might be one of best versions
of the classic hit Atari game. anyone know of a better MC game ?
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    >what is the single best verison of Missile Command..... that is not a fancy
    >3D polygon remake?
    >it's gotta be a 2D version of Missile Command.

    I agree with you there. The 3D one was a nice idea, but the 2D version shines
    better in my mind.
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    On 25 Jun 2005 13:21:59 -0700, wrote:

    >The Playstation I Atari collection (From Midway at the time) has an
    >ecellent Missle Command which can be used with the Nyko Playstation
    >Trakball -- though it doesnt have buttons (you push both buttons to get
    >delta base to fire)

    Isnt that just an emulator? So that would technically be the arcade
    version right? As far as ports go, Im with the others, the Atari
    8bit (400/800/xl/xe/5200) is the best version and it supports a track
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    In article <>,
    "Dan Mazurowski" <> wrote:

    > But at least the 5200
    > version benefits from the analog joystick, as well as an excellent
    > trakball mode (if you're lucky enough to have a 5200 trakball).

    How about if you're lucky enough to have multiple trakballs (trade bait
    - one CIB)?

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