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Plz no flaming of choice of cards. I'm looking at BFG 5700ultra and BFG 5900 video cards. Which would be better since I can run only at 4x agp since my board says 1.5V only. And are the BFG cards any good and are they very noisy? Thank u in advance for your help.
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  1. The 5900 would be the better choice. Quite a bit faster card.

    I have the BFG 5700ultra. So far soo good. Cant hear it over the case fans.

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  2. The 5700 won't hold a candle to the 5900. Despite what some say, (SOD=Idiot) the 8x v. 4x question is not pivotal. The performance difference just isn't very big. This question really boils down to what you're willing to pay for performance. The 5700 is a good card, but the 5900 is better and costs more.

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  3. If you're dead set on nvidia, and considering a 5900 I'd suggest looking at a 5950. It's the upgraded version of the 5900... like the 5700 is the upgrade 5600.

  4. I recommend a 9600 Pro, but since you didn't ask about that, the 5700 Ultra.

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