Acer W500, Yes Or No?

i am looking to save up for a W500 acer tablet, it has the following

AMD C-50 or C-60 running at dual 1GHz - Good
2GB DDR3 Ram - Good
Windows 7 home - Very Good!
32gb ssd - not so good, i am worried that there's not much free hdd space
AMD Radeon hd6250 - Very good.

Do you think this tab would be good for running programs such as google chrome and sony vegas (maybe), playing afew games, maybe cod 4 and just playing around on it.

I would like to know from someone who has one, i would also like to know if it slows down when programs are put on it

Thomasd221 Thanks! :D
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  1. Hi :)

    You are NOT going to be playing COD4 on it lol...its a LOW powered tablet...not a gaming lappy...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I think i am, check out these, it's not as low powered as you think.

    MW3 -

    NFS MW -

    L4D -

    So it does have some gaming potential
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