Looking for a cheap laptop.

First off, I am extremely sorry if this is the wrong section, I spent a solid 15 minutes looking for the correct one to post this kind of question under and wasn't sure.

So my aunt is looking to buy a refurbished (or new) laptop. She wants to keep it under $300 and she doens't have to many requests. She needs it for a business course at school so she is going to need Microsoft office. She would prefer a preloaded copy of it to be on the system.

She wants to be able to store some pictures on it as well as possibly movies. She wants to not have a rough time browsing the internet and she wants the internet to be kind of fast. She wants to also be able to download movies and music off the internet without her computer giving her a rough time.

Can anyone recommend a laptop that would work well for her? If there are any other questions feel free to ask. Thanks a ton in advance everybody!
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