Is this Laptop acceptable for starcraft 2 and diablo 3?

I plan on playing Star Craft 2 and Diablo 3 on at least medium graphic settings. I came across this laptop at walmart for $478.00 and i was wondering if it would be efficient enough for these games.
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  1. That A6 might be a tad underpowered, but it might work. If you want to be safe I'd go with an A8 laptop.
  2. The integrated graphics on the A6 fall a bit short of blizzard's system requirements for diablo 3, let alone the recommended settings.

    That said, I have heard the game is playable on remarkably low end machines. It might not be very enjoyable though, and It's just my guess that SC2 will handle it worse.
  3. Eh, to clarify I believe both games will be quite playable (30-40fps) at lower resolution / graphic detail
  4. In StarCraft 2 you will probably get around mid 20's FPS with medium graphics @ 1366x768 resolution. Don't know about D3, but I suspect similar results.
  5. might want to go with something a little more powerfull to be sure tho.
  6. So, is that the best laptop for the $500 dollar range? For games like Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 anyways?
  7. For $550 you can get the following Acer Aspire which should be able to handle those games on high graphic settings.
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    The following bundle is not bad you get a messenger bag, a wireless mouse an a 15.6" Acer Aspire with an A6-3420 and a Radeon HD 7670m graphic card for $530.

    It should also allow you to play those games with high graphic settings, but the i5-2410m CPU in the 17.3" Acer laptop I linked above is a lot more powerful than a Llano A6-3410. Then again, a 15.6" laptop is easier to carry around.
  9. I have been able to play Diablo 3 on low settings with 25-30fps (tolerable) on a laptop with an i3-2350, 4GB of RAM and an Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics controller. Does it look good? No, but it allowed me to play at work.

    Edit: if you're not an AMD CPU fan, you can get this laptop with an i5-2450m and AMD 7670m graphics card as well for $495 after rebate. It is refurbished but I've bought refurbs from TigerDirect before with no issues:
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  11. I found this on amazon. I'm very firmiliar with Asus monitors since they're the monitors we use for tournament settings in the fgc. Is this worth purchasing for d3 and sc2? It's either the Asus bundle for $527 or this,
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