Problem with Dell Inspiron 1525

Hi all,

I was hoping someone might be able to help me with the problem im currently having with a dell inspiron 1525. Simply there is no video output at all from power up.

what does happening :

The power light comes up
The HDD light comes up but then goes off shortly
The media lights in the top right (rewind etc) flash from left to right and then back again.
If I press on any of the media lights they light up then fade.
the cd ejects
I have tried :
having the battery out (its out now) and holding down the power for 30 secs.
hooking up a second tft, but no output to that either
any help or pointers would be appreciated.
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  1. If you hold the screen next to a bright light or shine a flashlight on the screen - can you make anything out?
  2. Hi
    My name is Varun and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.The problem you are facing with the system is that unfortunately It appears to be an issue with the lcd of the system has gone corrupt. But will request you to follow the below troubleshooting steps.
    1: Check if the Dell Screen comes up on startup, if yes try safe mode by pressing f12 at the time you turn on the system and check weather u get any display there or not
    2:If the system is able to boot to safe mode, uninstall the drivers and restart in normal mode, then reinstall the driver from
    3:Try external monitor.
    4:Run LCD BIST (D + Power Button) (If No Go then).
    5: Run PSA using Fn + Power Button and wait 2-3 min for any beeps. If you hear the beep noise then it means the lcd needs to be replaced.
    If you have any question regarding the troubleshooting steps please reply us back .

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