Caps Lock light - how do I get it to turn on again?

I removed my laptop keyboard, then re-installed it. After putting it back together, at first the CapsLock light was off, then it was dim, now its completely out. When it was dim, it would get a little brighter when I jiggled it. I took off the key to see if there was a visble problem under the CapsLock key. After putting it back on, now its not even dim.

When I disassembled the laptop, I disconnected 3 cables that hook the keyboard to the laptop. Perhaps when I put it back together one didn't go in correctly?
Do you know WHICH CABLE controls the caps lock key light. Normally when CAPS ARE ON, it should be lit.

The fuctionality of it going to ALL CAPS works
The sound of the high pitch to turn on and low pitch to turn off works
The light that is above the number lock key still works. The panel lights for sound still work.

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  1. Google for a service manual for the specific laptop you have.
  2. The manual is $5 online, but

    1 I don't know if this issue is addressed in the manual. I don't want to PAY for a manual.
    2 This is a general question that I was hoping someone would know, since it's not necessarily specific to my model Toshiba A505.

    $5 manual here
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