Nvidia Quadro for Autocad 2004?

Hi all!

I'm going to build a PC to a friend who is studying architecture. Mostly they use Autocad 2004 or older versions.

Are the Quadro of FireGL cards able to accelerate this program? I know that they are a huge performance improvement on 3D Studio or Maya, but for Auto Cad? Sure that cards are expensive, but no more than a dual processor system! (what is my friend are thinking of) We're talking about $2000 max, monitor not included (already buyed).

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  1. Nah! Get a gaming card and softmod it!
    quaddros are hella good but so.. soo bloody expensive.
    Not sure how well they run with Autocad.
    Yes, they make Max so much easier.

    But my GeforceFX 5900Ultra can score 27 in the Specviewperf 7.1 Max test when softmodded into a quaddro!

    Thats a lot of performance for a lot less cash!

    Render times? You'll find me down the pub...
  2. Thanks for the answer, but i'm not into that thing of softmod. ¿How i do it? (if its explained in another post please link it) It would be great, a PC capable as a workstation and VERY good for gaming too!
  3. here is the url-
    of a place where you can lear more about the process.
    (sorry cant remember the clicky code right now! :D )

    You basically take a graphics card, say GFFX5900Ultra, and you use a program called rivatuner. the process is too long for me to list here, but you basically click a few buttons in the program, and bang, you have a quaddro!
    This is very good for 3DSMax work, however i believe there are mixed results for Maya/Autocad.

    The biggest problem is, the process only works with a select set of older drivers, which is fine for the pro programs, but im sure most people here will agree, to get the current Geforce cards running GAMES properly you have GOT to use the most up to date drivers- there have been massive changes in the way the cards run DX9.

    So, perhaps your friend is best off sticking with a fully-supported pro card.
    Believe me, i have used quaddros and they are great!
    However top end gaming cards are also proficiant at running "Creative Applications."

    Hope that is some help. :)

    Render times? You'll find me down the pub...
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