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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a desktop replacement laptop that I will be able to get ~2 years out of. I will be using the machine for a mix of productivity and entertainment purposes. (Excel, word, D3, Rift, HD Movies, external monitor streaming).

I have been looking at the MSI GT60 and was wondering if anyone had any insight into comparable systems. I don't want to opt for anything less than a GTX 670m but would prefer to go 675/7970 if possible for around the $1500 price point.

15+ inch screen
GTX 670m or better
Not concerned with battery life
Doesn't need to be portable
No preference on maker
Ivy bridge CPU

That is really my only framework for picking out my next laptop.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. MSI GT60 is an awesome laptop and has a decent battery(compared to other gaming laptops) and it's one of the best gaming notebooks you can buy within your price range
  2. Does anyone have any input on going with an MSI GT683 as opposed to the MSI GT60?

    It seems that the difference lies in the gtx 670 versus the gtx 570 and a sandy bridge i7 versus an ivy bridge i7.

    Using a 2 year upgrade horizon is it worth saving $250 to go with the 683 or should I still opt for the 60?

    Side note is a bigfoot wireless adapter better than most stock ones?
  3. GT60 is better than GT683.Better design(IMO), and much better keyboard/battery life.So definitely go with the GT60
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