Reformatting with upgrade disk

Can refotting be done with ban upgrade disk?
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  1. I assume you mean the Windows 7 upgrade disk. Since they aren't available yet, there's no way of knowing for sure. But preliminary information and precedent indicate that yes, you can format over your old OS with the upgrade disk before installing Win7.
  2. You NEVER can reformatting with an upgrade disk, the only thing that you do with this is upgrade the OS, but the size of the HDD not change.
  3. Clean installs can be performed with the upgrade media... so long as you still have access to the previous version's media or product key.
  4. As Bolbi stated there is no way to know yet but if it can this may help.
  5. pat mcgroin said:
    As Bolbi stated there is no way to know yet but if it can this may help.

    Good research. This screenshot of the install process shows that the Custom Install option does allow you to make changes to disks and partitions. Win7 is very similar to Vista (and where they're different, Win7 is almost always better IMO), so it would surprise me if this functionality was removed. Going way back, the only hands-on experience I have had with this was reinstalling XP Home with my Dell OEM disk (it was a CD back then :lol: ). That did allow me to reformat, using the good old command line.
  6. The upgrade disk allows you to reformat the disk before you try to install the system.

    If you want to reformat the partition, here is a free tool which can help you to format partition and even resize partition:
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