Help running rage (7690m xt dv6 6c02tx)

hey guys,
i have an hp dv6 which i bought recently, its i5 2450m, 7690m xt... im trying to run rage but so far no luck..

when i first ran rage, i was getting 1 fps according to fraps, and i assumed that my integrated graphics was runing.. so i went into bios, switched graphics from dynamic to static (or whatever the other option is called), and now them game hangs after the initial campaign video :/.. any help?

my driver version is 8.882.2.3000.. i dont believe i have catalyst it necessary?

any ways any help will be appreciated..thanks..
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  1. Stop by the RAGE game forums and check there.
    I'm thinking it's a game related issue.
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    Possible RAGE issue with OpenGL drivers from AMD:
    AMD Catalyst - Rage Performance Driver

    -> Do NOT download that specific driver. You need a laptop driver and you need to research the best option.
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