ATI Mobility FIREGL T2 and Mobility 9000

I'm looking at an IBM T series laptop, some come with ATI Mobility FIREGL T2 or Mobility 9000

the FireGL T2 comes with 128 megs of video memory when the 9000 comes with 64 or 32 megs

I think I like the Laptop with the T2 better, I am not planning on playing all that many games but will the T2 do well (Not outstanding) but well with games, like Counterdtrike and games like Return to Castle Wolfenstein?

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  1. Quote:

    Man it'll rock in Counter Da' Trike! Three-Wheeling fury! :lol:

    As for Counter Strike, it may be iffy, but then again it may be fine/great. Castle Wolfenstein should be ok.

    At heart the FireGL T2 is a mobile R9600. Can you not find a solution with the R9600? And if you don't plan on playing all that many games, it may be overkill. Especially if you are not doing much open GL work.

    BTW, which Thinkpad are you looking at with the T2; I'm looking at getting a new T-Pad either for X-mas or for my B-day!

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  2. It's the T41p,, no i dont plan on doing much that needs the Good 128 card, but I like the size of the laptop, and hoping just in between the bordom in my life that the FireGL will play some games.
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