I just installed Need for speed Underground, and when i started playing for a while, the screen will just freeze but the music and the sound effects and the game is still going on. I need to go back the desktop and quit the game from there.

When i ran it again it will suddendly freeze at a random spot in the game...

I have did a clean install of my card's drivers (using Omega newest drivers)

O/c to 420/680, but when going to default speeds 400/600, still same problem...

Anyone exprienced the same problem?

Who is from singapore? I am.
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  1. Ummm...what card do you have?

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  2. R9600pro... =(

    Who is from singapore? I am.
  3. Just a suggestion (really a common one nowadays it seems), Try disabling Fastwrites, see if that does it.

    Otherwise I don't know I don't have that game.

    Mine is back to rock stable after disabling Fastwrites (which yes I would otherwise have on).

    Just a thought, sorta guessing by diagnosing long distance.

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  4. i always kept it off... but now its okay coz if i get the error, i just restart the com and everything will be fine... =D thanks anyway =x

    Who is from singapore? I am.
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