Installing New Formatted Sata Hard Drive

This Is A Hypothetical Question

Laptop Installation
If I have a laptop which is running Vista Home and has installed applications.
I do not want to format this drive at this time.

If I install a new blank drive and install windows 7 and applications on it.
and want to retune to my Vista drive, can I just plug it back in or will the Windows 7
drive maked internal changes to the laptop..... if so what changes and what do I need to do
to make the Vista drive work again?

Thanks In advance
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  1. You can switch back andd forth between drives as much as you want. Configuration changes will all be made on the boot drive.
  2. Hello ram1009

    Thanks for the confirmation.

  3. You can do by setting the boot order in the BIOS.

    Or you can get a MBR editor, like EASYBCD, to set up a "Dual Boot", and choose which OS you want to load at start up.
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